MSC 0216 25
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 505-277-6247
Fax: 505-277-4215

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Currently, fifty-one States and U.S. Territories house a SAC. SACs vary in their placement within the state's governmental structure; some are part of a criminal justice, general planning, or coordinating agency, while others are part of a governor's advisory staff. Some are even located in a line agency such as the state police, attorney general's office, or a department of corrections. Several, like NMSAC, are located in academic settings, such as the University of New Mexico.

While the SACs largely operate independently from one another, the centers are organized under the umbrella of a national non-profit organization, the Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA). This link will take you to the JRSA website where you can find information on other SACs.