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Current and Recent New Mexico Statistical Analysis Center Projects

The following list summarizes both ongoing and recently completed NMSAC research projects.  Final reports can be accessed by clicking on the NMSAC Publications link in the menu to the left.

Substance Abuse Violations Among Probationers and Parolees.  We received funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics State Justice Statistics grant to examine substance abuse among those under state community supervision by exploring violations related to substance use.  We are especially interested in learning about opioid use among this population, since New Mexico has experienced high rates of opioid-related overdoses and opioid abuse.  We expect the results will be beneficial for reentry and supervision planning and policy development, identifying treatment needs, and assessing changes in substance use trends.

Probation and parole violations and revocations.  Using funds awarded through the Bureau of Justice Statistics State Justice Statistics grant, we will examine probation and parole violations with an emphasis on absconding.  Our intent is to better understand violation behavior and revocation decisions.

Pretrial case processing.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics awarded the NMSAC a State Justice Statistics grant to complete a study on pretrial case processing in New Mexico counties outside of Bernalillo County.  The NMSAC will examine factors associated with pretrial detention and the relationship between pretrial detention and case outcomes.  In addition, we will develop measures of case processing performance measures.  

Evaluation of Albuquerque Project Safe Neighborhoods.  The New Mexico Department of Public Safety contracted with the NMSAC to provide research and evaluation services in support of the Albuquerque Project Safe Neighborhoods.  The NMSAC will analyze crime data (e.g., hot spot and other spatial analyses, trends, etc.) and provide background information (socio-economic indicators of target area) to assist with strategic planning.  In addition, the NMSAC will conduct a process evaluation.

Evaluation of UNM STEP internship program.  NMSAC is working with the School of Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico to complete an evaluation of an NSF funded internship program whose goal is to increase the number of students receiving baccalaureate degrees in engineering and computer science.  Both formative and summative evaluation components are included.

Evaluation of the Dlo'ayazhi Project Safe Neighborhoods.  NMSAC was contracted by St. Bonaventure's Indian Mission to conduct an evaluation of the Project Safe Neighorhoods project being implemented in the Eastern Navajo Nation.  A process evaluation was completed in 2013; the report is available on our publications page.  Current efforts are expected to include providing research support and outcomes evaluation.